Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse Workplace: A Better Place to Work

Achieving diversity at the workplace has gained tremendous importance in the recent years. A plethora of opportunities have been created for every position. The recruitment drives have started practicing a multicultural approach of hiring which largely is no longer restricted demographically.

Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without

William Sloane Coffin Jr

A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 57% of recruiters say that their talent acquisition strategies are designed to attract diverse candidates.

Workplace diversity means that our workplace should reflect the makeup of a society in general. It should ideally have people from a wide background with different factors such as race, sex, education, experience, skills etc. A diverse workplace offers you talent which is not only the best but at the same time, it also offers you a way to learn new cultures providing you an opportunity to meet new people.

Technology has played a significant role in getting us all together for the greater good. Today, companies are not restricted to selling products or solutions to a specific region. On the contrary, an iPhone designed in California is manufactured in Asia and shipped all around the world. Improvement in worldwide trade opportunities have therefore opened doors to a diverse talent pool working together harmoniously.

The benefits of having a diverse workplace are far too many.

A Variety of Perspectives

Perspective of Diversity

People from different backgrounds will have a different perspective to a problem. This gives the organization more time to debate, analyze and find a better solution to a problem. So many minds working on a problem with each having their own perspective to it gives rise to enhanced productivity and improving quality.

Higher Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

A diverse environment clubbed with good HR policies opens doors to newer conversations with different people. Each one brings a different story altogether on the table and provides opportunities to make friends across boundaries. This increases employee engagement and therefore increases employee happiness.

Enhanced Company Reputation


The tech savvy society relies largely on the social media to define a person or a company. A rainbow of people as workforce on the company’s LinkedIn profile gives a boast to company’s reputation. A workforce committed to representing the world improves your corporate image.

Better Talent Pool for Hiring


As per a survey conducted by Glassdoor, a whopping 67 percent of job seekers said a diverse workforce is important while considering job offers. Diversity at workplace therefore helps in getting more people to be a part of your organization.

Having workplace diversity is of utmost importance as it improves the quality of product as well as the quality of people. It opens the company’s doors for new learning opportunities and helps in bringing everyone more closer and connected than ever before. Crating a diverse workplace is important in this technologically dependent world where everybody has something unique to offer.