5 Steps to Build Trust inside an Organization


In this cutthroat competitive world, organizational success is largely dependent on its curated team. A good team becomes great only when the employees start trusting each other and start believing in the ideas of the institution they represent. So how do we ensure that the workforce stays committed and works together in harmony?

“There's so much that goes into a great employee experience--most notably trust--and employees aren't getting it from their employers. […] Employees are craving genuine workplace relationships where they feel safe, valued, and their manager has faith in their ability to get the job done.” 
_Deb Muller, CEO, HR Acuity 

A low on trust workspace is most likely to underperform and always fall short of targets. Such a team becomes a liability to the organization it represents and obviously develops an increasing possibility of errors. According to the new Edelman “Trust Barometer” (a survey of 33,000 people in 28 countries), one in three people doesn’t trust their employer. They also discovered that trust decreases from top positions to the lowest. For instance, 64 percent of executives trust their organizations, while only 51 percent of managers and 48 percent of other staff stated they trust their organizations.

As a leader, it is, therefore, our responsibility to create and sustain an environment where employees do not fear each other and work hard towards a common goal. As difficult as it may seem, following some simple steps mentioned below can enhance your company’s office culture and imbibe a sense of mutual respect within your employees.So here we begin:

Make them feel safe and wanted


As humans, we all crave recognition during most instances of our personal as well as professional lives. Try recognizing and respecting efforts exhibited by your team members. Like every relationship, make this one trustworthy by ensuring that they feel safe around you. Keep the communication open and ensure that each one has their say.

Disagreement is better than false agreement

Every new idea has its pros and cons that must be debated. Accept the fact that not everyone will agree with your plan of action. A great leader then indulges in conversations that are constructive. Let us all as leaders start listening to every opinion and making our employees feel valued.

Create a Responsive Employee Grievances Response Mechanism

An office is like a family and no family lives in peace all the time. However, harmony is maintained when you talk and sort out the issues. There can be n number of problems ranging from trivial issues such as the printer not working without a hard slap on the side to serious problems of sexual harassment. When your employees realize that the issue raised by them are being heard and acted upon, they are more likely to have a deeper bond with the company.

Indulge in Team Building Exercises


You cannot work all day. Everyone needs some fun during the day to keep themselves motivated. Read our blog Innovative Virtual Team Building Exercises and discover new ways in which you can involve your team in some amazing games that help them come together and know each other in a better way. When you know a person you work with daily, you become more comfortable working with daily.

Make it fun, it’s a family


You spend more than 40 hours a week at a place working towards a common goal. It, therefore, becomes your responsibility to keep your family happy by staying true to them all the time and rewarding effort with recognition and respect. Celebrate successes and milestones that your employees achieve. Start awarding employee of the year certificates, pizza treats, or anything that they enjoy.

Trust is earned by efforts. Let us all make our workplace a fun place to work. A place which goes they proudly call it Their office.