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How to Setup the Best Work from Home Office

Work From Home

The world is locked inside and Work from Home that was once considered an occasional practice has now become an unavoidable necessity. The IT sector is showing the way by making a majority of people stay home and deliver.

Most people who work for themselves have achieved work-life balance.

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Today when you are working from home there are two types of general workstations. The laptop on bed setup and a dedicated table & chair setup. This blog will help you understand why you should have a desk and chair setup and how you can build an ideal Work Station.

Also, as new vaccinations are coming out and offices are opening, many companies have realized that work from home is a better cost-effective option. Therefore it becomes extremely important for you to have a permanent work from home setup that acts as your office.

Importance of Work Station:

  • It gives you the feeling of working from the office. There is a desk in front of you with a computer. Sadly, colleagues will be missing.
  • Using a laptop on the bed for long hours can result in posture issues. A good quality chair will prevent it.
  • More productivity as you are not on your bed feeling lazy and sitting upright and focusing.

Here are a few tips on how to make an ideal work station.


Office Desk

Ensure that you place your setup in a well-lit & well-ventilated room. Fresh air is important as it keeps you rejuvenated during long hours in front of a screen. Also, it should ideally be a small room with minimal people coming inside while you are working.


Office Chair

A good comfortable chair is a must to keep your back straight and free from pain. Invest in a good chair, preferably a revolving one whose height can be adjusted. A straight back can work wonders for your concentration.


Office Table

Try going for a desk that matches the dimensions you were using at your office. Always ensure that it has sufficient height. Industry standards say it should be 29 inches. A desk with a large surface area ensures that you have ample space for your notebook, table lamp, monitor, laptop, and other accessories.


Multi Screen Setup

Having a second screen is always helpful. You can continue your work on your primary screen and read a blog on the secondary screen. A multiple screen setup not only gives an aesthetic look to your desk but also helps you multitask easily and saves time.

Internet Connection

LAN Switch

A good high-speed internet connection for seamless connectivity. Mobile hotspots can be a temporary solution but it can never replace high-speed broadband internet speeds. We recommend you set up your router near your desk and connect your computer via LAN for the best bandwidth and minimal ping. A minimum speed of 50 Mbps is advisable for office work. Consider upgrading to a higher speed if the uses increase.

Cable Management

Just like a website, the wires act as the backend of your work station. Always ensure that you have arranged all your cables properly behind the desk. Try doing it in such a way that the least of it is visible on the front end. Use extension boards, cable organizers, etc.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Office Setup

Now it is up to you to modify this basic setup as per your requirement. Install a printer if you have a lot of data that needs to be filed. Go for a good set of speakers if you are doing video editing related work. Try indulging in a wireless keyboard and mouse for easier access to all your screens from a distance.

Hope that you found this article interesting. Setting up a desk is a costly venture but it has benefits that you will realize when you use it. Make a setup that you will connect with. Go for led lighting, posters, plants, or anything that is going to motivate you to sit on it for long hours. Enhance your productivity and make a difference in your lives.