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How to Keep your Employees Healthy?

Mr. Watson had an amazing schedule before Covid19 hit humanity in the face. He used to get up in the morning at 6 and hit the gym for a rigorous 45 minutes session and then take the first train in the morning to reach his office on time. He even won the Most Punctual Employee award twice. He was a person extremely punctual with his meals, submissions, and everything in between. He was an ideal employee with a schedule he followed diligently on all five days and was the star of the local football club.

Health is Wealth

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

Joseph Pilates

Cut to the present scene. Mr. Watson has a protruding belly and is asleep on most of the team-building exercises. Since all the gyms were closed during the initial lockdown phase, Mr. Watson had to let of his sessions. Although gyms have started, Mr. Watson is still living the Covid19 life. He gets up at 10 AM just a few minutes before the morning call. He spends all day in his bed with his laptop. No more train rides and as far as soccer is concerned, he now only cheers for his favorite team on the television. Pizzas and coffee have become more frequent than protein shakes.

This has been the situation for many employees across the country. The lockdown locked everyone inside the four walls of our homes and since it is the new normal to work from home, many people are facing serious health issues. Lack of exercise, overeating and excessive sleep are slowly reducing productivity.

Just like Mr. Watson, many of your employees must be facing similar issues. It is a common saying that you need to have a good team to have great results. To build a good team during these troubled times, it becomes very important to ensure that the employees stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure that your co-workers live a healthy life.

Furniture Rental

AN office like setup brings you closer of office like vibes.

Most of the work from home people have ideally made their bed their place of work. While it is easy and comfortable, experts suggest that productivity increases if you do your work sitting upright on a chair with a laptop in front of you. There are various websites such as Cort that provides great office furniture at an affordable rent. The best thing that a company HR can do is to allot funds so that your employees are back on the desk setup. Make it compulsory if you have to.

Health Is Wealth Subscription

Health is Wealth

Many companies have been doing it and it has proved to be extremely beneficial for the employees. There are services such as WorkCare who have more than 35 years of experience in providing health-related services to employees. Register all your employees for any of their great plans and make your workforce more secure and financially independent.

Virtual Health Seminars/Workshops

Employee Health

Organise a great yoga session on Zoom as part of a team-building session. Get a good instructor and make the event open for all your employees and their families. Keep various prizes for best performers so that everyone participates. Studies have shown that a 10-minute meditation session in the morning gives you enough positive energy to stay energetic all day. Organize yoga sessions, Zumba classes, meditation sessions, etc and see the change yourself.

Innovative Healthy Gifting

Healthy Gifting Options

Sending surprise gifts always boast the morale of honestly speaking everybody. We all love gifts. This time when your organization plans to send a surprise gift to your employees, consider gifting them a planner to organize their day. Motivational posters along with a large basket of fruits can be a great New Year gift.

We know that the times are hard and we need to support each other to grow this New Year. Work from home will continue for a very long time and it becomes the responsibility of every organization to ensure that the employees do not compromise on their mental and physical health. Let us all fight together.