Appreciate Employee

How to Appreciate your Employees?

Appreciate Employee

An organization comprises people coming from a diverse set of backgrounds. They work under one roof as a team. A good team works wonders for an organization whereas a bad team does the opposite. Employee appreciation is the difference between a good team and a bad team.

To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.

Doug Conant

As a leader, it is a must for you to ensure that your employees are happy so that the work does not suffer. A good workforce is always the most important factor in any company.

There is an old saying that a good leader can win you a few rounds but a good team can win you every round. A happy employee will always give more than what is being asked of him/her. Appreciation keeps your employees dedicated.

Before we tell you how to appreciate, let us answer a very fundamental question that is why employee appreciation?

Appreciate Employees

Sense of Togetherness: When you acknowledge the efforts of your employees, it creates a sense of togetherness and imbibes a feeling of oneness. Thus, when your employees see that they are being valued and respected, they will never leave you in crisis.

Decreases Expenditure: If your employees are happy, chances are that they will last longer and will not switch jobs. Onboarding is a time-consuming and costly process. Keeping your employees happy will reduce the expenditure and time to hire a new employee.

Enhanced Productivity: Appreciation acts as fuel. The more you indulge in employees appreciation, the better results you can get from your employees in terms of quality and quantity of work.

Now let us come to the second and the most important question. How to appreciate your employee? How to ensure that your employees are happy? How to maintain a healthy relationship with all of them. Here are 6 ways in which you can appreciate your employees and ensure a good working environment.

Appreciate Employee
  • Employee Rewards: Ask your HR to design a corporate gifting system where your employees can complete certain tasks and get rewards. These rewards in the form of points can be redeemed for shopping vouchers, food coupons, movie tickets, etc. This motivates your employees into working more.
  • Employee of the Month: Many companies have been doing this and as a result, employee engagement has increased tremendously. Start awarding Employee of the Month and felicitate them with a certificate and social media recognition. This improves your relations as well as brand image.
  • Organize Trips & Dinners: We understand times are hard and it is very risky to meet outdoors. Yet, a lunch party with all your employees will be a great option if necessary precautions are taken. It will reunite them and you get to have a one to many conversation with all.
  • Puzzles & Games: If your office is following work from home, you can organize card games or puzzles every day and keep a small reward for the winners. This will act as a team-building exercise.
  • Encourage Feedback: It is possible that people might not be able to say things that are bothering them directly to your face. It is completely natural for some individuals to be a little conservative about sharing opinions at work. Keep an anonymous feedback system and respond to the issues your employees are facing. Berryworks, an AI-based deep learning employee voice platform offers products to assess the happiness quotient of your employees and gives suggestions on how to improve it.
  • Saying THANK YOU! Appreciate your employee for that one good presentation personally. Tell him/her that you see great potential in them and motivate them to bring out the best they have.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to maintain a team that people would take pride to be a part of. It can be achieved by following these steps. We are only humans after all and it is the basic instinct of every human to expect recognition and respect. Give it to your employees and you will have a team that will fight the world for you.