Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Must-Have Keyboard Shortcuts

Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. The flexible usage of computers has enabled us to automate tasks that were earlier considered tedious and boring. These days the application of computers can be seen everywhere. Hence, as a professional, it is expected from everybody to have a basic knowledge of computers. This blog tries to give you some notable and legendary keyboard shortcuts that will ease your work and also help you save a lot of time. All these shortcuts will be applicable on windows systems and some will work on mac too. Using your keyboard saves more time than using a mouse. The idea is to increase your fluency over a keyboard. Let us begin.

I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.

Isaac Asimov
Keyboard SHortcuts

Ctrl + C: Copy

Used to copy the selected texts directly to your clipboard. An obviously better alternative than Right Click>Click Copy and probably the most used keyboard shortcut in our list.

Ctrl + V: Paste

This command pastes whatever is copied to your clipboard. A very important shortcut command when you have to copy data from one file to another or one folder to another.

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Suppose you are working on a word document and you select a portion of the document to be copied but accidentally press backspace and everything is gone. Simply press Ctrl + Z and see the magic.

Windows + D: Show Desktop

Playing a small round of poker online and you see your manager approaching. Using your mouse to minimize takes a couple of seconds. Next time just press Windows key + D and there you go. You are back at your desktop screen in a split second. Press the same set of keys again and you’re back to your previous window.

Windows + L: Lock Screen

The best way to lock your screen. Though if you are from the 90s, you’ll miss the amazing screensavers from Windows 98 and Windows XP.

Ctrl + Alt + Del: Task Manager

When nothing works, the task manager becomes a lifesaver. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del takes you directly to the Windows Task Manager where you can easily close unresponsive applications. However, if even the task manager becomes unresponsive you are on your own. The end is near!

Windows + Prt Sc: Screenshot

This shortcut takes a screenshot of your screen. Very useful when you want to report issues or errors and do not wish to share your screen.

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel Up/Down: Zoom in & out

Often while browsing through a web page, we come across texts that are too small to read. The general approach is to zoom the tab by clicking on the settings. Instead of this try Ctrl + Scroll Up or Down and get the desired result instantaneously.

Ctrl + N & Ctrl + T: Changing Window/Tab

Need to google something while browsing an article? Just press Ctrl + T and it automatically opens a new tab. Just type your query and do all this without using the mouse even once. Press Ctrl + N and a new window open.

Ctrl + F: Find

An incredibly useful shortcut that enables you to search words or phrases in large documents, code, webpage, or anything else having texts. Simply press Ctrl + F and a dialog box opens. Type your query and it will show you the results.

We hope you liked our list of 10 great keyboard shortcuts and you will start using them and learning new ones as well. Initially using a keyboard shortcut seems more difficult than conventional methods. However, with practice, it gets into your muscle memory making you more efficient.