Employee Engagement

React on time when listening to employees

React on time

Then why should an employee wait for a survey to express their opinion, ideas, and emotions? A company can gather a lot of critical insights from listening to their employees real-time. Extracting these insights and incorporating them into the strategy can be a huge competitive advantage for companies. Insights help you react on time and this builds trust. Here we share 4 ways my customers have benefited from active listening and driving action on what they gathered.

Do you want to see a movie? Stream it from your phone. Do you want to express your opinion about the recent presidential election ? Go tweet how you feel, now!

1. React on time

Ability to react quickly can make a difference between employees feeling great about the exact same strategy as compared to the reaction being few weeks or even a few days later. For example, some companies took longer to react to their employee sentiments to the “Black Live Matter” movement and that impacted their brand from a long term perspective. Having the capability to bubble up sentiments real time to the right levels of leadership and giving them the ability to action on those sentiments reduces the reaction time significantly. A reduced reaction time adds exponential value to the same action.

2. Create transparency

Active conversations about sentiments that are being generated and following up with employees to provide updates on the actions being taken builds an inclusive culture. In many cases, employees do not provide the right feedback to organizations because they do not get updates on the action and feel that their voice doesn’t matter. I have seen organizations that value employee feedback and act on those, but just don’t do enough to keep them informed. The lack of transparency on actions, although unintended, reduces the values of the actions.

3. Generate ideas

Best people to give us the ideas to drive our business strategy forward are our employees. They are in the details, they are working with our customers in the front line. Especially with remote working environments, the coffee station conversations that spark ideas are now gone. Active anonymous conversation using AI, similar to Alexa and Siri, can help us generate ideas and poll employees to determine what idea needs to push up for action.

4. Drive Accountability

Many times actions and ideas do not get implemented because the leaders who own those are working on too many things and smaller next steps get lost in details. There is an unsaid discomfort for the HR business partner in following up with the leaders around action. The balance between no follow up and too much follow up is not clear. This results in actions that can be moved quickly to just slow down. Having automation for driving accountability which works in the context of the given organization is a critical success factor for many of our clients.

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