Conversational AI

Conversational AI to Get Real-time Pulse of Organization

In the last five years or so, artificial intelligence has permeated nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. The next song you listen to on Spotify or the next item you purchase on Amazon, both are likely to be heavily influenced by AI algorithms. HR technology, particularly conversational AI is slowly becoming an increasingly important area of focus for leaders worldwide.

Today everything that we want, we expect it to be personalised. Our next YouTube video should be something similar to our likes. Artificial Intelligence comes into picture here when your choices can be predicted and then suggested to you. AI has become so mainstream that it has carved out a place for itself in human conversations too. Businesses are waking up to this conversational AI revolution and thinking of innovative ways and means to integrate it into their day-to-day operations.

In terms of organisation, it becomes difficult to take individual feedback. A recent wave of conversational AI tools and products internal / inward-facing, i.e. they are reimagining conversations and culture at the workplace. They are noting down employee experiences, recognizing employees for their good work, and thus, serving as a catalyst for boosting employee satisfaction. Berryworks – a leader in the field offers state of art technology to ensure the employers get the correct feedback and mood of their employees through interactive conversations.

Such interactive conversations can keep an employee engaged in the workforce, boost morale, and supercharge productivity. This can also help foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, where employees feel encouraged to speak up, voice their opinions, and air their grievances. In this post-pandemic world where work from home is the new normal, an interactive assistant in the workplace can serve as an effective pulse check for gauging employee engagement and eliminate the need for outdated employee-engage programs.

Multiple surveys show that organizations invest a lot in human resources. As per a report by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, nearly 60 percent per cent of companies are proactively spending time and effort on their reputation and image as employers. There are a set of niggly yet important HR challenges facing any organization that it wants to overcome.

Let us take a deep dive into how AI can function as a conversational advocate and solve the above challenges:

  • Recruiting: A lot of employee time is wasted in screening applicants for follow-up interviews. Many of the times, applicants are just shopping for an offer letter and have no intention of joining your organization. Conversational AI can help tremendously in dealing with applicant drop-offs. An intelligent conversational advocate can evaluate the applicant in the screening round before involving in-house employees. Employees need only interview shortlisted candidates, thus saving precious time and mental bandwidth.
  • On boarding: Onboarding new employees well isare vital for building a strong relationship and fostering long-term ties. A HIPAA-compliant conversational interface can hand-hold a recruit through all the onboarding steps, from e-signatures on paperwork to a virtual tour of the office and an online meet-and-greet with colleagues. It can answer queries in a friendly manner, away from the glare and the spotlight and make the new employee feel at home quickly.
  • Engagement & Retention: Conversational AI can monitor the heartbeat of an organization and keep tabs on employee morale, satisfaction and motivation levels. It can gauge employee appreciation sentiments by talking to them like a friendly colleague who they can trust instead of a supervising overlord. The privacy and space afforded by such tools can help organizations gain a lot of insights into reasons for employee dissatisfaction, retention, churn, and areas to improve.
  • Analytics: Data is the new oil. Conversational AI systems can plug into your organizational processes and extract rich data insights. This can include insights from clinching sales deals, track employee stressors, and make suggestions on uplifting sagging productivity levels. What’s more, machine learning can increase the number of insights manifold, over time—powered by real-time interactions and conversations. The interactive systeem can integrate all the different pulse points in a unified dashboard.

Hence we see that technology integration can generate tremendous output from your organization. It ensures that voices are heard and correct steps are taken for the betterment of everybody.

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